Sunday, July 18, 2010

Equality 7-2521

Today, my sister came back from a two-and-a-half week music camp/missions trip in the Czech Republic. Though I didn't get to see any of it myself, the stories she told me reiterated that economic policy matters - a lot.

None of her campers lived in houses - they all lived in nearly identical flats left over from communist rule. If you want something a la Brave New World, Anthem, or 1984, try looking at a fairly large city where everyone lives in identical gray cement buildings. For a more homey feel, many own "weekend cottages" in the mountains that offer a change from the monochromatic abodes. Still. It sounds like something unworldly, something that could never happen. Yet it did. Happily, the Czech Republic came out of communism and is one of the more stable countries to have done so. But can a weekend cottage really make up for a week of living in a very real reminder of communism?

Is there any reason why an economic system that smacks of dystopian ideals and has failed multiple times should be tried again? Is there any reason why the US, a bastion of liberty and individuality, is moving steadily left, toward such a system? Whatever fine differences between communism and socialism you want to bring up, it certainly seems the United States is moving in that direction. Perhaps in 100 years, Czech teenagers will be coming here to see sights like the outdated Declaration of Independence, and our spin on identical gray cement dwellings.

I appreciated freedom in:
Grayish-brown pencil skirt, short-sleeved, striped gray jacket with ruched middle, gold leaves & glass flowers asymmetrical necklace, pearl studs, and pink satin slingbacks with bows on the top and hemp wedges.

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