Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to (Déjà) Vu

In an interesting turn of events, I'm actually combining yesterday's and today's events - because they were strangely similar.

Three people in my office have birthdays within two weeks of each other - me, our legal assistant, and our associate attorney. Since I was gone all last week, the office very nicely put together a party for me and our legal assistant yesterday - we all took a paid 30-minute vacation, ate cheesecake, and the birthday ladies got cards. During this little respite, we found out that our associate attorney had also had a recent birthday - so today, we all took a paid 30-minute vacation, ate pastries, and the birthday lad got a card.

It was so familiar that several people suggested doing a better job combining the parties next year - maybe going out to lunch as an office. This, however, is an interesting dilemma - because birthdays are a touchy thing. No one would suggest having one day in the office where we celebrated EVERYONE'S birthday, even though everyone has one. Birthdays are the days where people want to throw up their hands and say "I'M BEING SELFISH AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!" and instead ask for two half pieces of cake - the first because of the "diet," the second because it's "just so good." It's simply impossible to have an entire office feel that way on the same day.

Birthdays and other special events are the kinds of things where efficiency isn't the primary concern. In fact, efficient celebrations would result in one (possibly two) holidays per year, where we'd celebrate everything. While some guys may jokingly say that would be easier to keep track of, they simply haven't thought through the ramifications of having every one of their coworkers want two half-pieces of cake on the same day. Birthdays are a sort of "Get Out of Jail Free" card for feeling special - you don't earn it, but it's a good feeling just the same.

So, while I don't think our associate attorney deviously planned a party all to himself, I'm glad that he got to down a giant cannoli and feel special. I'm also pretty glad that I was included in yesterday's party, and I'm certainly not complaining about two 30-minute paid vacations in two days. While I'd advocate for more birthday celebrations, I think things worked out so nice ... we did them twice.

I celebrated two birthdays in:
Black and white houndstooth pencil skirt, black button-up shirt, wide red belt, silver hoop earrings, silver bangles with semi-precious stones, and black patent pumps.

I celebrated one birthday in:
Purple pencil skirt, white three-quarter-length sleeved button-up shirt with black pinstripes (it was an ode to the Rockies), black satin swing jacket, black and silver hoop earrings, black and silver watch, and nude and black snakeskin concealed-platform pumps with a faux wood heel.

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