Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wardrobe Staples for Life

Last night, two of my high school girlfriends spent the night. Even though one of them had to come late and leave early, we had an amazing time. We've been friends since middle school - and actually, one of them I've been friends with practically my whole life. We all go to different colleges now, and because of travel and work schedules, haven't been able to get together as often as we would have liked this summer. That said, we hung out and talked and laughed and dreamed and analyzed and caught up like the good old friends we are. I have been incredibly blessed with some amazing friends in my life - they're the classic kind, that you don't have to replace.

See, normally I am a huge bargain shopper, and while I don't buy trash, I also don't tend to "invest" in pieces that are going to last forever. I shop the clearance rack at juniors chain stores frequently - I'm addicted to $3 camis, and have found adjusting to "real" stores' price tags can be a little overwhelming. However, there are some things that are worth paying more for because they will work for years - timeless pieces, that can take a beating and make it through because they're well-made. They don't go out of style, you don't outgrow them, the buttons don't pop off and the seams don't rip. These are the pieces worth spending a little more on - and these are the kinds of people my friends are.

Though the two who just spent the night are prime examples, they aren't the only ones. I've found some classic, timeless pals who I can hang out with after not seeing for almost a year and feel like I never left. Best of all, they didn't cost me anything more - in fact, they've saved me so much over the years. They've saved me from lots of heartache, loneliness, boredom, and needless solemnity. On top of that, they've given me outfit advice, laughs, code names for boys, notes in class, inside jokes, and great memories. So, I'd just like to say thanks. Thanks to my friends - you all are the pencil skirts, button-ups, black pumps, suit jackets, pinstripe pants, and little black dresses of my life. No matter what else is there, I'd like to keep you in my closet for a long time.

I went to church with some of my favorite people in:
Brown, brightly-patterned empire-waisted cotton sundress, lime green cami, bright yellow bead necklace, silver hoop earrings with spring green crochet detail, brown headband, and multicolored striped open-toe stilettos with white heels and tops.

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