Monday, June 18, 2012

Coming Soon/Coming Apart: Four Adventures

So, as you may have gathered from my last post, I'm now a college graduate. Whee! As an educated member of society, I've taken it upon myself to be a "lifelong learner" and not just succumb to blissful nights watching re-runs of What Not to Wear (I interned for them, you know!) on TLC. This means two things - 1) I will be spending loads of money going to law school 2) I still read books.*

Either the Olsens ...
Or Cruella-like Grandmas
Since I read books and you read my blog, I figured we should skip a step, and I could tell you about some of the books I read. (Note: this is not the transitive property. I know it sounds a lot like the transivitive property, but it's not. It's kind of like how the Olsen twins look like old ladies, but aren't.) Anyway, to kick off this summer of literature, we'll begin with Charles Murray's fairly recent (it's still in hardcover!) book Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.

The book I'm telling you
In Coming Apart, Murray describes a frightening shift in the US away from a large and socially homogenous middle class towards an elite and highly educated upper class (he puts them in a city called "Belmont") that's completely disconnected from a less-educated and less-refined lower class (residents of a city called "Fishtown"). He then explains how Belmont's "new elite" is failing to pass on four virtues crucial to the American way of life. He argues that these four virtues—Industriousness, Religion, Honesty, and Marriage—are getting harder to find than Big Gulps in Bloomberg's NYC (please, ask me how I feel about that sometime).

Since I love America, and since these four virtues pop up in my everyday life often, we're doing another mini-series here in Business Casual Adventureland!

But please, follow me on Twitter!
We'll kick it off with four posts from Murray's book, and then follow it up with other exciting things I'm reading this summer. Through these efforts, we'll come to feel like fabulous, educated people, who go to ritzy-pants cocktail parties and discuss important ideas, and wear neo-vintage clothes, and revel in the irony of "neo-vintage," and acquire intellectual lithpth, and are "a few credits short" of finishing their MA in Creative Writing, and certainly have a Pinterest board titled "ee cummings musings."(You know you've met one.)

Real. Life. Awesome. 
In other words, by helping you feel a bit snobbish and upper-crust, I'm actually helping you become part of the new elite, and thus helping destroy America. The only problem is that if you want to know what life is really like out there, you probably shouldn't be reading blogs. You should probably be wrestling an allie-gay-ter. Like in Swamp People. Except that you'd probably get eaten. So maybe ease into real life.

Also, clearly, I'd never want to destroy America. Since awareness is the first step, I'd like to raise awareness. We're losing the founding virtues. Me. You. We. And we've got to get them back. So everyone, buckle up. We're going reading this summer. I'm easing into real life right there with you.

I'm easing into real life in:
Blue polka dot faux-pleat sweetheart dress, blue glass dangle earrings, oversize silver cocktail ring, and gray platform sandals with column heel (that were FREE).

*I recently found out that your entire education is sort of pointless if you haven't read The Republic. I know, right? Sooo, I'm working on fixing that. We probably won't explore all of that one, though.